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Your path to better hearing starts at Cody Audiology Clinic, a premier hearing healthcare clinic in Cody, WY.
Dr. Brandi R. Shepard’s audiological expertise is foundational to the services provided at Cody Audiology Clinic. Her level of education and experience translates directly into how she cares for patients.
Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Shepard ensures patients in the Big Horn Basin have access to the hearing healthcare they deserve.
You will feel confident in your decision to work with Cody Audiology Clinic. Every season of life is worth listening to.
“It is important to me that my patients have the very best regarding their hearing health care. I am a Cody girl, born and raised. The people that live in the Big Horn Basin are my family and friends. I genuinely believe that they deserve a doctor who has the highest education that their field offers, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the option to purchase the best technology available, and exemplary customer service. I am very proud to serve my community and bring this service home.”

—Dr. Brandi R. Shepard

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Powered by the Polaris R™ platform and RealSound Technology™, Oticon Real provides the brain access to all relevant real-world sounds with exceptional detail and clarity. In addition, new technologies instantly balance soft and loud sudden sounds, and protect against disruptive wind and handling noise, so patients can stay aware, engaged, and sharp in the real world.

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Why Get Your Hearing Tested?

As one of your main senses, your hearing health can tell you a story about your overall health. Hearing loss can be an early indicator of many health conditions, like diabetes and circulation conditions. Since hearing loss can be gradual, it is important to get your hearing evaluated regularly, like you do with your eyes or teeth.

Your hearing pathway starts at your ears and ends at your brain. When sounds reach the inner ear, they are converted into a signal that is sent to the brain. So, your hearing health can directly impact your brain health. Studies have consistently shown how hearing loss correlates to cognitive decline and dementia. And people with hearing loss are at higher risk of mental health conditions, like depression. Healthy hearing = healthy brain.

Hearing loss can be very isolating; if you cannot hear what people are saying, then it is very difficult to maintain conversations and if you cannot maintain conversations, then your relationship with loved ones can suffer.

Did you know that certain medications can harm your hearing health? And this includes common over-the-counter medications and antibiotics. Typically, we are told of potential side-effects but no one thinks that medications could cause hearing loss.  

It has been shown that someone with hearing loss who ignores their condition can see up to a 26% increase in their healthcare costs after just 2 years. This is because people experience a variety of adverse health effects due to their hearing health, such as falls or other sources of injury.

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